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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2020 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is news live from berlin u.s. president trump dismisses climate change as being behind the fires now ravaging california. getting cooler. i wish. the poor forest management for the deadly fires on the u.s. west coast presidential rival joe biden. a climate arsonist also on the show.
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thousands of refugees left homeless by fire at the. protest against remaining that . is their life. to say they found what might be the 1st signs of extraterrestrial life on earth. i'm brian thomas good to have you with us today u.s. president donald trump is back in washington after meeting with officials in california who are battling the worst wildfires on record there and in 2 other western u.s. states the president downplayed arguments that climate change is fueling the record blazes instead he said poor forest management is largely to blame.
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these are some of his scenes providing the backdrop to the president's visit to california. raging wildfires that have burned millions of acres wiped out whole communities and left dozens dead. scientists they've blazes like these are being made worse by climate change. but donald trump spoke of other concerns after landing in california to meet with top officials. and we have to do a lot about forest management obviously forest management in california is very important. california governor gavin newsome said those concerns were justified but he and other officials went on to press trump on climate change just as one of force management science in an observed evidence is self evident that climate change is real and that is exacerbating this if we ignore that science and
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sort of put our head in the sand and think it's all about vegetation management we're not going to succeed together protecting californians think it'll start getting cooler but i was just you just watch i wish science and anybody about it but. i don't think science knows actually. and earlier that day harsh words from trump's democratic presidential rival joe biden if you give a climbing arsonist 4 more years in the white house why would anyone be surprised if we have more america blaise if you have a climate denier 4 more years in the white house why would anyone be surprised when more of america is underwater. but trump has his supporters even in deeply democratic california i was displaced by the tub's fire i woke up with my city in flames and the democrats have not done their due diligence policy wise and so if there is a component of global warming it is
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a very very small component because the democrats are failing california meanwhile firefighters on the front lines face challenging conditions with shifting winds and drier weather sparking several new pleases. let's get more now a defuse i'm in s.f. joining us from the capitol building in sacramento california good day to you. these fires are absolutely catastrophic the images certainly are very disturbing and they've also become highly politicized how are they playing a role in president trump's campaign strategy considering he only spent just a few hours in california. that's right it was a quick stop and it was unplanned it was not part of his trip out west part of his campaign trail if you will but he came in anyway and it seems to show that trump is conscious that with these fires unprecedented fires making headlines nationally and
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internationally he had to finally say something he's been quite silent about that for a couple of weeks he wants to perhaps look like he has the situation under control now in the meeting as you can see he deflected criticism that this was his fault and said that it had more to do with forest management in california. i mean what's been the reaction from some of the voters where you are to the president's visit. well this is a largely democratic state which is one of the reasons why he hadn't planned on coming here he's not really worried about the votes here he thinks he'll lose the state anyway he lost to hillary clinton by 4000000 votes in the last elections so this wasn't a part of his planned trip because the voters here already turned against him just 2 years ago he said that californians need to rake their forests more and totally denied that climate change had anything to do with this this doesn't sit well with people here especially since the federal government owns more than half of the
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forests in california the state only owns 3 percent so it doesn't sit well with those voters there were a lot of trump supporters at the airport this morning however to see air force one land to give their. their support for their presidential candidates so there is a bit of a mix here but then again there were protests there as well and they clashed with trump supporters yeah we heard some of those anti trump protesters actually ended up in hospital during the president's visit can you tell us more about that. it was a scene that's becoming much more common in the united states where protesters protesting trump black lives matter protesters lining the streets blocking traffic are hit by cars now this happened in 2 separate separate instances here in sacramento where protesters were attempting to block the streets and cars just ran
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into them or side swiped them and that sent 2 people to the hospital there was another instance of a protester climbing up on a police vehicle and being dragged away by that vehicle ok now or the president's visit comes as california struggles with the pandemic with the effects of the lockdown what kind of economic impact are these fires having. some estimates brian have put that figure at $150000000000.00 in costs to the west coast because of these unprecedented wildfires that's a big number but to put that into human figures this means thousands of homes thousands of businesses burnt to the ground this means thousands of people homeless hotels are almost fully booked in this area it's hard to find a hotel room because so many families have been displaced by these fires there was actually a collection of cans of canned food at some hotels in around here this morning for
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the people here so i don't want to exaggerate but i have to say it is bleak here especially with the pandemic and california still being in partial lockdown. i mean also for us in sacramento california thanks very much for that update. let's get you briefed down some of the other stories making the news out this hour more than a dozen hong kong pro-democracy activists have appeared in court to face charges of illegal assembly prominent movement members including jimi law and joshua wang are accused of taking part in a band event in june that commemorated china's 1989 tiananmen square massacre. british lawmakers have given their an initial approval to a controversial new brecht's a bill that despite concerns of breaches international law the bill will allow force johnson's government to override parts of the bracks a withdrawal deal which was agreed with the european union in january.
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in japan the former aide to ex nissan boss carlos go and has gone on trial greg kelly's accused of helping go and hide tens of millions of dollars in payments go in should also be in court but he fled to lebanon in december both men deny any wrongdoing the trials expected to last 10 months. all russian president vladimir putin has granted a $1500000000.00 loan to belarus not in face to face talks with the embattled leader there alexander because shango that meeting in such it goes facing unprecedented anti-government demonstrations back home and is looking to moscow for a much needed support. it was smiles all around as russian president vladimir putin offered his belo rescind counterpart alexander look at a seat the face to face talks in sochi are the 1st since location co claimed the
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presidential election in august extending his controversial 26 year grip on power in belarus. and co has had a lasting relationship with moscow since he 1st took office in may 1994 when he signed agreements with then presidents boris yeltsin to integrate into a political and economic union with russia but he didn't fully implement it now look it could be forced to fully commit to the terms of the agreement placing his country under the aegis of russia during the talks hootin valve to stand even closer with the question. russia remains true to all of our agreements including the agreements stemming from the union states treaty and the collective security treaty organization we see as our closest ally and obviously as i've told you in our numerous phone conversations we will fulfill every obligation to. issue
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you to what appeared to be a warning to antigovernment protesters backing that a ruse the main thing is not to cross the line there's a red line and you are familiar with this even more than myself you had to draw these lines in chechnya when you were a young president i remember that and god forbid this happens in belarus but there are certain red lines nobody has the right to cross. a creek unprecedented protests sweeping batteries are now in the 6 week an estimated 150000 people turned out in minsk alone at the weekend the aim is clear they want to oust look. shimko from power. the united nations said it is receiving described as a launching reports of the repression of peaceful demonstrations the un human rights council has agreed to an e.u.
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proposal to call an emergency meeting to discuss the antigovernment uprising in belarus. greece has repeated its accusations that margaret's deliberately started the fires that destroyed europe's largest refugee camp on the island of lesbos last we. are being urged to move into the new shelters that are being erected for them that fire has left some 12000 refugees almost brought new pressure to the search for solutions or housing markets. at the back of a long line of hungry people waiting has become part of life on the island of last boss the front aide workers hand out bags of food. since the more your camp burned down migrants have been camping out on the streets they return to roadside to eat is a simple but desperately needed meal and soon it will be time to start queuing for
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the next. images from the air show new shelter tents for thousands left homeless hundreds of already been resettled in sites like this but others fear moving to new camps would just perpetuate of their misery if the good to new cham moriarty again is to start about to me we experience a one year more i think it's enough to be able to stand the strain and the ability to carry these detainees so you can reach the. protesters demand to be allowed to leave less boss nearly $400.00 unaccompanied children have already left these women and children appealed to germany to get them off. in berlin jim his foreign minister said he plans to help more homeless families because of my love but there are a lot of voices in germany that have expressed a willingness to help those in distress in moria in addition to his taking it in
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unaccompanied minus the mention in the what's in movie outside of god. greek authorities hope to move on migrants off the streets and into a new camp spot the end of the week but these protesters say as long as they are on less boss they will never be truly free. who are on the story let's bring in our correspondent now mark saunders who's joining us from moria max good to see you you're just outside the area where many migrants are being held right now what's the situation like where you are. yet brian this situation is quite tense here on the ground i'm standing outside the new facilities that the greek authorities have now put in place for the people who are the former residents of moria camp who became homeless in the following of of the fire there's a very heavy police presence here right now at the moment just
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a few 100 meters down the road this is the area where still for from what we know a 1000 thousands of of migrants and refugees or are stuck. camped camping out surviving on the meager rations that they're provided and by by a by the greek authorities. there's. also we have to point out there's also a lack of medical that's is there in the area and this in the middle of a corona virus outbreak so all in all it's a very dangerous situation ok amidst this this tense situation the greek government wants the migrants to move into temporary facilities that are now being built for them how's that going down with them and with the residents there on lesbos. you have to understand where these people are coming from they're coming from a from a camp that was designed for roughly 3000 people and they live their lives figure was 13000 before the fire 20000 people were living there under really very very
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difficult you could also say inhumane conditions and these people who are stuck on the street now they feel that this is me this might be their only way out some of them have been there for have been on lesbos have been in the camps for months or even years and now they have the attention and they feel there might be some momentum for them to actually be able to to change the situation for its rich change for them and for them to be able to leave but at the same time in order has been has been placed out by the greek authorities here they have been saying that nobody will leave the island of lesbos unless they process it they go into this camp here behind me and they are silent cases are properly processed as it is the law but these people also know this is going to take it's going to take months this is going to take years for some of them so there's not really a lot of trust so that's why a lot of people are still trying their luck testing the luck camping out on the street and so far only roughly
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a few 1080900 people have moved into the new facilities here behind me and these are most vulnerable cases a single women unaccompanied minors and families max thanks so much for that bring us up to date from what's left of the morea cap the new camps being built there where you are on the island of lesbos thanks very much. we're staying in the region with our next report turkey says a ship at the center of a tense standoff with greece will resume its mission after being refueled the orange race which you can see behind me was sent along with turkish warships into disputed waters in the eastern mediterranean. search for potentially lucrative gas fields now return to the turkish border sunday turkey's foreign minister says that ship is just being resupplied right now that leaves the real possibility of open conflict between the 2 nato members one other flashpoint would likely be the small
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greek island of castello result which sits just 2 kilometers from the turkish coastline greece recently sent its own troops there which turkey says violates a longstanding treaty between the 2 countries do their views i was under phenomena went there to find out how residents are coping with an increasingly difficult situation. and ferry takes us to custom the result a greek island just off the turkish coast military vessels patrol the area with both sides on high alert and that's bad for business says l.a. and you can have a lot see surance a local company promoting tourism on the island the recent tensions with turkey's care of tourists she tells me even those defying cohabit 19th. in the 1st days. of messages people asking. what these 3 hopping there because we can have a clear image. and we. really was on the phone the whole day thanks
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to all of them that it's all fine. on a boat to with ellen instead who is at the same time her business partner most routes here directly along the turkish border turks are people like me and her dad tell me we are neighbors despite some decades old disagreements they say and yet they don't think that turkey has the right to explore energy resources around the island this is the. cut in the middle of the dispute many residents here think like stop or. lowers us deputy mayor they expect more support from the european union. no measure or be able to believe god so loved about him he's just practicing self-restraint. it's
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the other side to turn to aggressive rhetoric. and we want to solve the issue as good neighbors as long as turkey complies with international law. even though the island's residents are used to tensions between greece and turkey with those sites and soldiers and warships to the region regularly many people here are concerned that an accidental confrontation might lead to a war right in front of their doorstep her gold bucket she moved from turkey took us to lawrence though 80 years ago for la she and her husband are the only by national couple on the island. that they've got them and they begin on the friends and family on the turkish side of the border. who are close yes there are political problems but we don't care about politics. how do they view their message both sides need to deescalate if only i. would listen.
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german chancellor angela merkel says european union trade with china must be conducted on a level playing field she and other e.u. leaders met with china's president xi jinping for a wide ranging talks on trade climate change and the coronavirus pandemic that original plan while it was for a major face to face summit to see on a story you china investment agreement but progress has stalled following china's crackdown on kong and its systematic internment of minority we gorse. parmesan cheese rounds from china chinese companies are known for copying products from elsewhere in the world that was one item on the agenda at the video summit between the e.u. leaders and chinese president xi jinping china pledged to ensure that regional specialties like wine from the mozart and beer from munich are respected a small success in some us we are on the right switch and.
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more work needs to be done we made it clear where we stand. demanding greater access to the chinese market for european companies to reflect the access that chinese firms have in europe the e.u. also wants beijing to commit to more environmentally friendly policies and to swear off new coal fired power plants china's activities in hong kong were a point of intense dispute the e.u. says beijing must respect human rights but chancellor angela merkel could not claim success on that front and demonstrates the human rights dialogue will continue presidency offered that so in this respect there's common ground for a further joint approach but that does not mean that there is agreement on these questions. to move in these and. this is the still to come on our program is there life on venus scientists have found what could be the 1st extraterrestrial life on
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earth. but 1st due to join in the 70th anniversary celebrations of germany's foremost jewish organization she'll be speaking here. for the central council of jews in germany it's a story that seen jewish life in the country firmly re-established after the atrocities of the nazi era but which continues to face threats today. jewish life in modern germany for many the most fitting symbol of this is the golden dome of balanced synagogue in the trendy district of mit about 12000 jews live in berlin making it the largest jewish community in all of germany for many years the number of jews in germany has been steadily on the rise. up until 990 there were 223-0000 community members but after the fall of the soviet union this number quickly rose to more than 100000 the influx of jews from eastern europe contributed
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greatly to this number and another 100000 jewish immigrants aren't affiliated with a specific temple. germany welcomes a thriving jewish community as a positive development in stark contrast to the past the memorial in berlin to the 6000000 european jews murdered by the german nazi regime best testimony to that history. the atrocities took place over 75 years ago they happened in concentration and extermination camps like this one in auschwitz germany will forever shoulder the blame for the holocaust or shoah yet many jewish institutions still have to be guarded in germany because the threat of an attack is so grace. this threat became bitter reality again last fall when a right wing extremist set out to commit a massacre in a synagogue in the city of hama only the solid locked door held him back. a look at the total number of violent anti semitic acts reveals that the authorities have
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been able to prevent attacks on jews on the country and the last 2 decades the number has risen by about 20 percent the perpetrators come mainly from the right wing scene one quarter of a percent of germany's population is jewish despite the dark past that germany has sworn not to forget the country is finding it difficult to protect its jewish citizens from rightwing violence. and we'll have more live from the ceremony coming up in 2 hours. stratum ors have discovered signs of life on venus they've detected a gas in his atmosphere one that has so far only been found on earth it's usually a byproduct of organic matter breaking down the news has been hailed by the head of nasa as the most significant development yet in the hunt for extraterrestrial life . is there life in the clouds around venus. too early to tell but an international research team has discovered
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a clue the rare gas faustina on earth it's produced by microbes who live in low in environments. telescopes in chile and hawaii spotted the gas by its chemical signature. phosphate molecules in venus's clouds absorb short wave radio waves that exist in the lower atmosphere but can the gas really come from microorganisms. so the researchers explicitly say that they are not in the position to state that they've discovered life in venus is that most feared. could result from natural processes like lightning volcanic activities or for other reasons any of his. if there really are microorganisms in venus as clouds they would be hearty beings indeed those clouds are full of the. acid which is fossil to life.
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whether there is truly life in those clouds must be confirmed by further observation a russian space probe is expected to reach venus the surface in the coming decade. this is g.w. news live from up next we have our football show kicked off for now though from a prime thomas and the entire team thanks so much for being.
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kicked off. this much is certain something is coming. to fact check for the kickoff of the industry get. on the cambridge. should be nervous. player my. surprises. to. see the
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new season. next on d w. clearing mines in ukraine one step at a time many young highly qualified people want to free their country from land mines and booby traps. there are even retraining to do it. on the job 6 days a week away from their families. what's driving them close up the. team 60 minutes on d w. closely . to some carefully.
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